Schedule calendar of UEFA Euro 2016 football championship with match dates, time and stadium venue

From 10th of 2016, the fifteenth edition of UEFA Euro football competition will begin at Stade de France. The complete schedule fixtures of championship have been announced and we are going to provide you the full fixtures with date and time. England and Wales are in same group with Russia and Slovakia. Current champions Spain will face Turkey, Czech Republic and Croatia in group stage games. This time 24 teams will compete for the title. This means more teams will qualify for knock out round than teams go out. Have a look on schedule calendar.

Euro 2016 matches schedule

Euro 2016 Matches Calendar Schedule Date, Time & Venue

Group Stage
France Vs Romania10 June 201621:00St Denis
Albania Vs Switzerland11 June 201615:00Lens
Wales Vs Slovakia11 June 201618:00Bordeaux
England Vs Russia11 June 201621:00Marseille
Turkey Vs Croatia12 June 201615:00Paris
Poland Vs Northern Ireland12 June 201618:00Nice
Germany Vs Ukraine12 June 201621:00Lille
Spain Vs Czech Republic13 June 201615:00Toulouse
Republic of Ireland vs Sweden13 June 201618:00St Denis
Belgium Vs Italy13 June 201621:00Lyon
Austria vs Hungary14 June 201618:00Bordeaux
Portugal vs Iceland14 June 201621:00St Etienne
Russia vs Slovakia15 June 201615:00Lille
Romania vs Switzerland15 June 201618:00Paris
France vs Albania15 June 201621:00Marseille
England vs Wales16 June 201615:00Lens
Ukraine vs Northern Ireland16 June 201618:00Lyon
Germany Vs Poland16 June 201621:00St Denis
Italy vs Sweden17 June 201615:00Toulouse
Czech Republic vs Croatia17 June 201618:00St Etienne
Spain vs Turkey17 June 201621:00Nice
Belgium vs Republic of Irealnd18 June 201615:00Bordeaux
Iceland vs Hungary18 June 201618:00Marseille
Portugal vs Austria18 June 201621:00Paris
Switzerland vs France19 June 201621:00Lille
Romania vs Albania19 June 201621:00Lyon
Slovakia vs England20 June 201621:00St Etienne
Russia vs Wales20 June 201621:00Toulouse
Northern Ireland vs Germany21 June 201618:00Paris
Ukraine vs Poland21 June 201618:00Marseille
Croatia vs Spain21 June 201621:00Bordeaux
Czech Republic vs Turkey21 June 201621:00Lens
Hungary vs Portugal22 June 201618:00Lyon
Iceland vs Austria22 June 201618:00St Denis
Sweden vs Belgium22 June 201621:00Nice
Italy vs Republic of Ireland22 June 201621:00Lille
Round of 16
TBD25 June 201615:00St Etienne
TBD25 June 201618:00Paris
TBD25 June 201621:00Lens
TBD26 June 201615:00Lyon
TBD26 June 201618:00Lille
TBD26 June 201621:00Toulouse
TBD27 June 201618:00St Denis
TBD27 June 201621:00Nice
Quarter Finals
TBD30 June 201621:00Marseille
TBD1 July 201621:00Lille
TBD2 July 201621:00Bordeaux
TBD3 July 201621:00St Denis
Semi Finals
TBD6 July 2016Lyon21:00
TBD7 July 2016Marseille21:00
TBD10 July 201621:00St Denis

Note: The above match date and timings are in CET [Central European Time]

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For the time France is going to host Euro championship. All matches of European football championship will be played in 10 cities of France which are Bordeaux, Lens, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Paris, Saint-Denis, Saint Etienne and Toulouse.

The champions of Euro 2016 will automatically qualify for the FIFA Confederation Cup 2017 which will be held in Russia.

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